The Stockholm Resilience Centre will be involved in several large campaigns and activities through the 全球弹性伙伴关系 and the 全球共享联盟


The 26th Conference of Parties (COP26) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will be held in Glasgow, 10月31日至11月12日在苏格兰. 除了物理会议, there will also be a number of virtual and hybrid 事件 to allow for more inclusion in the summit.

The Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) will be involved in several large campaigns and activities through the 全球弹性伙伴关系 and the 全球共享联盟.

SRC is also involved in the launch of the 10 Climate Insights report published by Future Earth, 作者是托斯滕·布莱克纳和约翰·Rockström.

最后,SRC参与了一项公众运动,以促进气候行动由 Netflix的《伟德官方网址》制片人.


全球公地联盟 (established by SRC and partners) is leading the Nature Zone and 自然的积极 by 2030 Campaign, COP26的自然馆和《伟德官方网址》的新闻编辑室.

自然的积极 is a global goal to halt and reverse the catastrophic loss of nature starting from a 2020 baseline. Ensuring our economies are nature positive by 2030 is just as important as halving emissions by 2030 for the safeguarding of humanity. If we fail on nature, we will fail on climate and fail on ourselves: we are nature.

The campaign brings together the diverse and transformational actions from governments and multiple stakeholders needed across nature, climate and people to make sure nature is at the heart of the climate conversation at Cop26, 让“自然积极”像“净零”一样熟悉和迫切.

在自然地带, 我们将负责《伟德官方网址》的新闻编辑室, a daily live streamed production linked to all major broadcasters on driving Nature’s positive narrative for COP26, 关注:

Week 1: Finance, energy/scaling solutions, youth, oceans and water, education, nature, indenginous



全球抗灾能力伙伴关系 (GRP) is coordinating non-state actors in support of greater action on resilience through the Race to Resilience campaign, 与零速赛车合作的.

RaceToResilience has been initiated by the COP26 Presidency and High-Level Climate Champions to rally leadership and support from 城市, 地区, businesses and 投资者 to help frontline communities build resilience and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

The Race to Resilience aims to catalyse action by non-state actors to build the resilience of 4 billion people from vulnerable groups and communities to climate risks.

GRP has coordinated the RaceToResilience pavilion which will host over 70 事件 across the two weeks.



日期:11月1 - 12

The 弹性中心 puts the focus on climate adaptation and resilience and is led by non-state actors from business, 投资者, 公民社会, 学术界, 城市和地区. GRP是The 弹性中心的管理合伙人.



日期和时间:英国夏令时11月8日星期一19:00 - 20:00

Now is the time to put innovation at the centre of the response to the development challenge of climate change, 并确保世界上最贫穷的人不会掉队. Join the Global Innovation Fund as they launch a new fund dedicated to investing in resilience and adaptation solutions in partnership with the 全球弹性伙伴关系 and under the umbrella of the Adaptation 研究 Alliance.

The Global Innovation Fund and 全球弹性伙伴关系 will be joined by a range of expert panelists for a wide-ranging discussion exploring how the development community can accelerate global progress by funding evidence-based innovation focused on climate adaptation and resilience, 创新如何成为一种具有成本效益的传递社会伟德官方网址的工具, and how we can most effectively support low- and lower-middle-income countries to cope with the worst effects of climate change.


日期:星期一,11月8日,10:00 - 11:30和13:00 - 14:30

This event brings together the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action (MPGCA) and Race to Resilience partners to show what adaptation and resilience means in practice for different sectors. It also looks at how working together we can achieve the Race to Resilience goal of making 4 billion people resilient to climate shocks and stresses by 2030.

The purpose of the event is to demonstrate how the MPGCA across its sectors and partners is accelerating action and investment into climate risk management measures across all the pathways.


地点: 在线 (需要注册)

今年的发展和气候日(D&C日)将会见基层代表, 研究人员, development practitioners and policymakers from all over the world discuss how to build a climate-resilient future for all.

This two-day digital event spans multiple time zones and aims to be the most inclusive D&C天然而.



发表: 2021-10-26